First: Merchant Obligations:

  • The speed of fulfilling orders that are requested through the Ghazle store, and any delay in delivering the product with the quality and specifications announced will be the responsibility of the merchant.
  • Providing store data such as an address, bank account, social media accounts, and any other data requested by those in charge of Ghazle Store
  • Providing product data to be displayed on Ghazle Store
  • Provide professional photos of products.
  • Return or exchange damaged products with shipping cost.
  • Modification of detailed products in the event of differences in measurements.

Second: Obligations of Ghazlah Store:

  • Providing an independent online store for the merchant under the domain (
  • Carrying out promotional offers on social networks, in accordance with the prevailing laws and customs in the Sultanate.
  • Receiving products from the merchant and delivering them to the customer.
  • Customers service
  • Customer protection
  • Dealing with damaged products, in accordance with the principle of minimizing losses on the merchant, and without any deception or fraud on the consumer.
  • Submit periodic sales reports.
  • Listing products on ( website.

Third: The method of collecting the prescribed percentage:

The deal between the two parties is on the basis of Ghazle Store marketing the products to customers, and then the merchant preparing and delivering the product to the representative sent by Ghazle Store, and Ghazle Store collecting the value of the product in addition to the percentage agreed upon between the two parties and any other amounts that may accompany it from delivery expenses; After the product is delivered to the customer, Ghazle Store delivers the amount of the sale and what it includes of other expenses to the merchant, through his agreed-upon bank account on a monthly basis or when requesting the amount through the website no more than once a week.

Fourth: ٌRefund & Return Policy:

  • The customer must purchase from Ghazle Store to be eligible for a return.
  • An agreement is reached between the two parties on the policy of replacement or return of the product from the customer to the company in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law in cases where return or exchange is permissible, and the merchant is committed to the rules of return and replacement legally established in this regard.
  • Show proof of purchase for return.
  • The product must be in its original condition.
  • The return or exchange process must be carried out within (15) fifteen days after receiving the product.
  • The customer will be responsible for the return shipping costs, unless the return is due to a product defect or an error on the designers part.
  • These products are not subject to return or exchange:
  1. Undergarments, including lingerie, socks, and swimwear (for hygiene reasons)
  2. Tailored products with true measurements, except in cases of product defects or errors on our part
  3. Items that have been worn, washed, altered, or damaged after delivery
  4. Products without their original tags or packaging